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[May. 20th, 2004|11:03 pm]
The Mr. Childs Community
Me and Jericka just had our most recent memory with Mr. Childs

First: me and Jericka were sitting there talking and Mr. Childs coments on how loud i can be, and all the sudden Jericka bursts out in laughter (it was kinda creepy)

Then: Me and Jericka were talking about Kill Bill, Mr. Childs suprisingly likes those movies so while Shrek was on we ended up talking about Movies for the whole ending, so then i brought up the part in Kill Bill about Buck (whos here to fuck) so i told Mr. Childs "I like Buck" and he responded with his calssic "huh" *laughs* then he was like "oh you mean the guy who... vistied girls while they were in a comma" it was so funny listing to him talk around the word sex. Me and Jericka were almost crying in laughter... wow i think in this group im may be the least obsses with him, but I'm tied for knowing him the longest, havce more memories (becuase of summer camp) and have seen him with his shirt off... maybe i can trade memories with some of you